As I work on Mara’s story, I realize that the development of this tale offers something that is both a blessing and a curse.


It is awesome that I get to explore Mara’s childhood in greater depth, and learn more about her character.  (I’ll get to do this with Gretchen and Andi, too.)  Giving her a solo story means we get to meet more of the people in her life and experience more of the forces that shape her.  We’ll also get to see more of her world, revealing cool details about the capital city of Diaea.

The flip side of this is that I have flesh out more people, come up with more scenes, and develop more of the details of the capital city.  When my inspiration is running high (like a few nights ago when I started pondering the wall) it’s fun and exciting.  The ideas ebb and flow, however, and the lulls make the timeline on the wall and the gaping holes in the story loom large.

This isn’t new information; when I decided to dismantle Butterflies I was well aware that this was a large project.  I just need to remind myself that I took on this project willingly when the drought threatens.


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