Writing Practice

Haven’t done one of these in a while…

She slipped her bare legs between the fresh sheets, reveling in the feel of the crisp cotton on her skin.  Falling back, she let out a sigh as her head met the pillow, the plush mattress taking over the task of supporting her body.  She breathed an audible “aah” as she was relieved of the burden of being upright.  For a moment she lay still, the smell of clean linens and the gentle pressure of the blanket cocooning her.

Without lifting her head, she stretched her arm to the fullest of its length, reaching for the nightstand.  After a few attempts, the tip of her middle finger found the switch for the lamp.  The dark was immediate and her relaxation deepened.  Three heartbeats later, she pulled her arm back and snuggled further into her nest of comfort.

It only took a moment before her ever-active brain began chasing the details of her day, endless laps disturbing her rest and resurrecting her stress.  She briefly wondered if insomnia had come to visit once again.  Fortunately, it had been a very physical day, and it wasn’t long before her exhausted body took charge and quiet reigned.  Her mental gymnastics had been washed away by the rising tide of sleep.