Folding Little Boxes

My parents and I are folding origami for my sister’s wedding.  (Somehow this has become a tradition – they folded paper cranes for my wedding.)

The pattern isn’t hard – I got the paper from my mom today and within less than an hour I had four done.  I want to be somewhat of a perfectionist on this; it is for my sister’s wedding, after all.  That means I’m taking a little more time with it, just to be precise, and it uses unfamiliar muscle patterns in my hands.  Four was about my limit at a time, but I’ll probably fold a few more before I call it a day.  I’m sure by the time I finish my pile of paper, I’ll be an expert at origami boxes!

Tonight I called to talk to my dad, and discovered that we were both folding boxes at the same time tonight.  We were even watching the same television show while doing it!  Most of the time you don’t think about the fact that everyone else in the world is doing something right now.  When you have a moment of “we were doing the same thing!” it reminds you that life happens simultaneously.  We remember it in our writing; characters often have parallel story lines.  For some reason it’s harder to think about in your own reality.   It often takes a revelation, or a moment of intentional reflection (“I wonder what they’re doing at work right now”) to open that train of thought.

Enough pondering life.  Back to folding boxes!