There’s an answer… darn.

The other day I was pondering kiwis.  Specifically, I was thinking about the two things that are called kiwi, and which one was named first.

They both look the same: a round, brown, fuzzy, flightless bird and a round, brown, fuzzy, flightless fruit.  It makes sense that one was named for the other.  I thought it would make a really interesting blog post, pondering it as a brown, fuzzy, chicken-and-egg question.

It’s a good thing that I decided to check it out before I posed this as a blog question, because it turns out that this isn’t like the chicken and the egg.  This one has a clear answer.  The bird was named first, and when the fruit was imported to New Zealand someone decided that it needed a new name and recognized the similarity to the bird.

While it’s an interesting story, I was honestly disappointed that there was an answer.  It was a great reminder, though, that a few minutes of research is always a good idea.