Did I Write That?

I recently talked to Unexpected’s First Reader about the novel.  I also sent it to Jack, my best friend, because he insisted on reading the novel he is “starring in,” as he put it.  Due to these conversations, I’ve decided to re-read Unexpected, which I haven’t looked at since I finished it in November.

My first reaction to reading the first two paragraphs was, well, unexpected.  Because I haven’t read them since I wrote them 4 months ago (they were written on Nov.1) the words were unfamiliar.  I remember the story, I remember the characters, but I don’t remember the book word for word.  I really did pause at the end of the first paragraph and utter the title of this post – “Did I write that?”

Reading it, I found many phrases that I find entertaining.  I especially like this line: There were no good ways to land, only bad and not as bad, and currently she was falling in a way that would hurt a lot when the ground interrupted gravity.

This reality is why I like to leave a book to sit for a while after I write it, so that I have fresh-ish eyes when I read it.  I just didn’t expect for it to be this fresh!