I Need an Event!

Now that I have my massive timeline on the wall, and some idea of how the five (maybe six?) books will break out, I realize that I need something.

Specifically, I need an event.  There are already two major world events that link the first four books – the lunar eclipse that starts it all, and the big celebration at four years in.  The ends of three of the books braid together as well, as the main characters’ lives intertwine.  The fourth book will go past the end of the other three, and pick up the braid and carry it.  (That’s part of the inspiration that struck last night as I blogged.)

However, between four years and 10 years, there is a huge gap with the stories not linked in any way.  I’ve decided that I need to add another big world event to tie them together again, perhaps at seven or eight years.

But what can that event be?  I’ll have to go back to the original book and see if something jumps out.