Some Weekend Inspiration

Mara’s childhood is taking shape, especially now that I’ve let myself skip ahead to the two years she spends with a group of street kids who work together for survival.  This is where the fun stuff starts; she learns some interesting skills, she has a social group, and the setting expands from one room to the whole capital city, including secret hiding places inside the city walls.

Of course, this group already existed in Butterflies, if only as a short chapter.  That’s the point of the overhaul, you see; to take the intriguing stuff that we only glimpsed when it was one novel and add the details and elements that make it truly interesting.

This meant that I needed a better grasp of the group, both who they are and how they survive.  Starting yesterday evening and continuing on into this morning, the little gang took shape in my imagination.  I figured out their structure, developed two of their “rules” and decided on how they make their living.

These four kids, including Mara (whom they call Moth), are scavengers, opportunists, and occasional petty thieves who don’t steal from their neighbors and always pay for food.  Their new leader is chosen by the outgoing leader, and when someone gets too tall to fit into the spaces where they live, that person ages out of the group.

Now that I know about this little band, I’ve been able to really get going on writing about them.  Not only will we get to see a lot more of this part of Mara’s life, we’ll also learn a lot more about the capital and what goes on there.