More Here

As I’m working on Mara’s story, I’m bouncing around a lot.  Normally I write semi-chronologically, but in this case it seems unnecessary.

After all, this is an overhaul of an existing book.  I’m filling in details, adding scenes, and revising, but a large part of the story is already written.  The need to work in order is moot; I already know where we’re going and how we get there.

Because of this jumping and skipping, I have a lot of the following notation in the document:


It might be a section where I want to add more description, because I opted to finish writing the action instead of working on setting the scene.  In at least one spot, it’s because I got to the end of my inspiration before I got to the end of what was going on.

I also use it to remind myself that I want to add another scene between two existing ones, once I figure out what should happen there.

I like the “more here” marker; it’s both a freedom to continue working on what moves me and an obligation to return.