Through the eyes of a child

The next scene that I plan to write for Mara’s story (part of the Butterflies overhaul) happens when she’s four years old.  I haven’t written it yet, because I want to let it percolate in my brain a bit more, but I know that I need to think about it as if I were a child experiencing the event.

Mara is not the narrator of the tale – it’s written in third-person – but I do want to capture some of the essence of her experience.  I like to include some of the emotional and mental reactions of my characters, because those are the kind of things that give us insight into their personality and help us get attached to them.

With that in mind, I’m trying to imagine several firsts for Mara.  She has spent her life kept by a slave trader, in a mostly dark room, with women and other children who are waiting to be sold.  Now, for a few moments, she’s going to go outside.  Sunlight, crowds, colors, and noise will all be totally new experiences for her.  I’m also planning for her to get to eat something novel, although I haven’t decided exactly what.   Needless to say, this scene will have a lot of sensory descriptions in it.

It might also help to solidify the event before I describe it!