Just For Fun

I would like to share with you some fun quizzes from Sporcle.com that can also help improve your spelling and writing!

No, I’m really serious.  How do you think I learned the Periodic Table?  I took the quiz many, many times until it stuck!

So, on to the writing related ones.

There is one with commonly misspelled words.  (It’s the fun minefield kind!)

How about the top 100 most used English words?

Not only are their vocabulary/spelling ones, there are grammar ones.  Need help with Lay or Lie?  Maybe you want to brush up on the helper verbs.  How about practicing your proofreading?

They also add fun Word Ladders almost daily, which will stretch your mind when you think about words.

HAVE FUN!  Just be careful, because the website can be very addictive.  🙂