Collecting Rejections

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I am aiming for ten rejections this year.  (A “no response” also counts as a rejection.)

One of the two query letters currently out is overdue for a response.  I’ve sent a follow-up email, but at this point I’m going to count is as a no response.  The other that is out has another month before it counts as a rejection.

Knowing this, I’ve started looking at agencies so I can choose another one or two to send submissions.  I pulled out my little stack of agency index cards tonight and started flipping through.

What’s on my index cards?  Last time I sent queries, I had a lot of information but found that not all of it was important.  This time they have only four things besides their name: their website, how to query, their response time, and their self-reported willingness to accept new authors.  If there is something important, like “looking for women’s voices” or “specializes in fantasy” I add that, too.

Tonight I decided to pull out the online and email queries.  I started reviewing their websites to see if there is anything that pops as interesting or noteworthy.  I hope to have decided on one or two by tomorrow!

For those following along at home, Query Count 2013:
Rejections/No Response: 1    Pending: 1   Still needed: 8