A Distracting Thumping Noise

There is an arrhythmic metallic thudding sound coming from a place behind me and to my left.  It is distracting.  While I know how to make it stop, I hesitate to take the required steps.  They would make the thumping stop for now but would likely increase the possibility of hearing more of it in the future.

What is this annoying sound that has lately increased in frequency?  It’s my parrot, who has discovered that if he tugs on the corner of his cage it has just enough give to make a fun noise when he lets go.

The challenges of ending this sound are threefold.  One, he likes making the sound, so it’s probable that he’ll keep doing it just because it’s fun.  Two, much like a whiney two-year-old, he’s doing it to get attention.  If I respond when he’s making the sound, no matter what the response, he will have succeeded in getting my attention.

And the third problem?  The easiest way of preventing the sound in the first place is to open his door and let him come hang out on the top of his cage.  This is where he spent most of this evening.  However, the time is getting late and he has to go inside when I go to bed.

What does all of this have to do with writing?  Nothing, except to explain why my parrot is annoying me, and thus keeping me from creating something really interesting for my post this evening.