Steam and Heat

The fabric slid over the end of the board with only the slightest catch.  She gave the seam a quick tug to align it with the edge.

With the pants in place, she reached across the board and grabbed the handle of the iron.  The hot metal slid across the cotton, steam rising with a hiss.  She smoothed the wrinkles of the fabric with the deft economy of motion that comes from long practice.  The section was finished with the iron set on the pocket flap and another burst of steam.

Satisfied with it, she stood the iron on its end at the other side to the board to shift the pants around.  The process was repeated for another section, and another, until the top of the khakis were perfectly pressed.

Moving to the other end of the ironing board, she lined up the edges of the legs and swiftly pressed the wrinkles from their length.  Without pockets, buttons, and zippers, the legs were easy and she finished them quickly.

The pants were now neatly ironed.  She folded them carefully, making sure not to add wrinkles before setting them aside and moving on to the next pair.