Counting Rejections

Last night I put together my official list of 2013 goals.  (I don’t do resolutions.  Resolutions you break; goals you work towards.)

I knew that I wanted to have working on getting Dragon published on the goal list.  The problem is that “get Dragon published” or “get an agent” are not good goals.  To me, goals are things you can control on some level.  When I was in high school, I told friends that getting married couldn’t be a goal, because it depends on something outside of your control.  It can be something you want, but it shouldn’t be a goal.  (Having marriage and family as goals can lead to some bad decisions, but that’s neither here nor there for this blog.)

The goal that I chose with the aim of working on Dragon turned out to have another element as well.  The goal?  Ten rejections in 2013.

Yes, I did make getting rejected a goal.  (Obviously if I end up with an agent before ten rejections, I’ll consider the goal accomplished.)  It seems weird, but it turns out to have two great things about it.

First, I can’t get rejected ten times if I don’t send at least ten queries.  It’s a more interesting way to make sending queries the goal than simply saying “send ten queries,” and it makes me get those queries sent earlier in the year so I can get my rejections before 2014 gets here.

Second, it adds a new perspective on the rejections.  No one wants to get rejected, and those letters can discourage a writer from sending more queries.  Now that I’m trying to acquire ten, I can just look at a rejection as another tick mark getting me closer to that goal.

So, officially, the goal is ten rejections in 2013.  I’m waiting on my first two now.  I’ll let you know how it goes!