I occasionally enjoy reading The Onion, which is a great satire website.

The articles are written much like typical news articles, but entirely fiction and with a (usually) clear jab at something related in the mainstream news.  (If you ever see a news article from The Onion, please remember that it is not real.)  An example of this is their recent article that comments on the gun debate, with the headline “Gorillas Sales Skyrocket After Recent Gorilla Attack.”

Satire is a tricky thing to write.  Mocking is only part of the challenge of this style.  It is designed to hold up a human behavior as ridiculous, to point out to people the reality of their actions or opinions.  In order to do it well, you have to strike a balance between over the top silly and social commentary.

I have not attempted to write satire.  While I enjoy reading it, effectively delivering this style of writing seems to require a deft hand.

Have you written satire?