Weird Non-Reading Mood

I keep a reading journal, which I use to log and track what books I read through the year.  When I did my 2012 totals, I discovered that I read Dragon three times last year.  (I did two revisions on it, so that makes some sense.)  As soon as I finish a book, I write down the date, title, and author, along with any particular comments like if it is part of a series or a smiley if I enjoyed the book.

I got to the end of my first book journal this year, so I’m starting a new one.  We’re already at the 10th day of 2013.  By this time last year, I already had an entry, with the second entry on the 16th.  By the 11th of January in 2011 I had three entries.  So far this year?  None.

It’s not that I’m in the midst of reading a massive novel or lengthy non-fiction book.  In fact, I have only one article left in this month’s National Geographic, which would give me an entry.  The real reason I haven’t finished reading anything is that I really haven’t been reading lately.

Instead I’ve been perusing articles online (which don’t count for the journal), doing puzzles, and exercising.  I’m sure at some point I will be bit by the reading bug, as previous experiments have shown that I can’t go too long without reading.  Then I can really, truly, break in my new book journal!