Tonight I had dinner with a friend from work.  Earlier we had talked briefly about my writing and I mentioned that my favorite character in Butterflies (Belinda) started out as an afterthought, simply a much-needed plot device.  Clearly she didn’t stay that way, but that is her origin story.

My friend’s response to that statement?  That’s awesome.  Why is she your favorite?

Tonight we discussed it at length.  It turns out that I have to explain quite a bit about Belinda’s story to really explain why she’s my favorite.  A lot of it has to do with the development of her character through her part of the plot, but some of it is related to her back story and the relationships she develops in the course of her story.  Overall, there’s a lot of her story that I enjoyed writing and she was quite intriguing to write.

It’s always interesting to think about why something from your writing is your favorite!