Getting a Visual

I rarely picture my characters.  Usually when I do it’s because something about them stands out.  A new character has appeared (by necessity) in Mara’s tale, and as I started to think about her I realized she has something visual that makes her different.

Honestly, I needed a reason for her to be an unsold slave.  She’s the unofficial leader of the group of women who are about to raise Mara, and I needed to give her authority from more than just her personality.  Having stuck around for a while helps add that level of respect.  So, why would a young woman go unsold?

A scar on her face would do the trick.  Her scar runs across the side of her face, from her right temple to the edge of her mouth. I didn’t want too much of her to be marred, just enough to make her less appealing.

This led to another decision, which is her nickname.  (All the women give each other or themselves nicknames; it’s part of their informal culture.)  The scar tissue curls up the edge of her lip, giving her a snarl, and leading me to call her Stray.

It seemed nicer than other variations on “Dog.”

So, between the very detailed image I got while writing Unexpected and the useful trait I created for this character, it seems my imagination might be moving in more of a visual direction.  Of course, except for the scar I have no idea what Stray looks like, so we’re only moving very slightly towards the visual.

At least I’m getting images!