Playing with Titles

As I am dismantling Butterflies, I have nicknamed the books.  It makes it easier as I write, and gives me easy names for the documents on my computer.  Titles are not my favorite, so I don’t mind using working titles for now.

However, last night I had a little bit of inspiration that I am now toying with.  Each of the books corresponds to a line in an oracle’s prophecy.  That prophecy will be in the front of each book.  It occured to me that I could play with that and take words from the prophecy to create the titles.

It’s a good idea in theory but it’s proving a touch more challenging in real life.  Here’s the prophecy, as it currently stands:

When a blood-red moon sees a triad born,
The kingdom of Diaea by war will be torn.
If a name that is feared will be honored once more,
If a hero’s girl grows to a soldier of war,
If the country’s young prince finds the one that he seeks,
Then three butterflies have a chance to bring peace.

Right now I’m focusing on three of the novels, which are the lines underlined above.  One of the titles is fairly easy.  Gretchen’s novel can become A Hero’s Daughter.  The other two are not so easy.  A Name that is Feared and The One He Seeks are kind of odd names for novels.  I’m still working on it.

There is one thing I have to keep in mind: I might want to reword or change the prophecy!

Now I remember why titles aren’t fun.