A Place to Start

I just finished paring the original Butterflies document down to just the things that pertain to Mara’s childhood.  Many of the scenes are probably going to be revised, at the least, if not totally rewritten, but at least it gives me a place to start. If you were wondering, the document is currently just shy of 7900 words.  Again, not great, but a good foundation to grow from.  I actually have scenes from when she was four and six, two at age eight, and a scene at age ten, meaning I have a good spread of her life.  I just need to really flesh it out and fill in the details.

The final scene that is currently in the document is the first of her at the training school, at about a year in.  It probably won’t stay.  My plan is to have each of the three girls’ stories end with their arrival at the school.  That’s when their stories start to overlap with each other and with the bigger stories that are happening in the world at large.  The reason that I left this scene for the moment is this: unlike the other two girls, I don’t currently have an arrival scene for Mara.  The scene that I do have also outlines several skills that she’s honed over her years prior to school, and that’s important reference material as I flesh out the story of how she got those skills.

Reviewing all of the scenes is a good way to get re-acquainted with this character, before I delve into her background in a much more involved way.

I can’t tell at this point if I’m excited about this project or not.  As I get into it, I’ll let you know.