Biography of a Fictional Character

I’ve been trying to decide what I can use as a primary storyline for each of the three mini novels I’m planning to write.  Then it occurred to me: people read biographies all the time.  A biography simply tells the story of someone’s life, so a novel should be able to do the same thing.

Of course, biographies are about interesting people, often who live in interesting times or who have played an important role in the events around them.  This means that, for a novel to simply be about a person’s life, there needs to be something really interesting going on in the character’s life or in the world around them.

Mara should be my best choice for a place to start.  As a baby she’s sold for drugs, then escapes before she can be sold to the highest bidder.  At that point she lives on the street, eventually ending up in the care of a woman who starts training Mara to be a spy.  I mean, talk about interesting things going on in her life!

I’ll need to find a bigger story for the other two girls, but at least I have a good place to start.