Outside of the Box

It’s fun to think outside of the box sometimes.  One of my family’s favorite stories about me is “breakfast bar,” which is a great example of me thinking somewhat unconventionally (albeit unintentionally).

Last night I did a character sketch with cards from Storymatic.  (I love that game!)  I wasn’t writing a story, or even a scene, but instead using the cards to imagine a character and then describing that character in a moment in time.  The two gold cards were fairly easy to incorporate, as they are character cards, but I also pulled a copper card.  Those are for something you have to incorporate into the story, or in this case, the sketch.

By the gold cards I ended up with a cowboy about to pawn his great-grandfather’s watch (which he is grateful to do, as he hates the thing).  The copper card required a bit more creativity; it said “full moon.”

After some pondering I ended up giving the cowboy a werewolf tattoo.  It seemed like something that would address the full moon without being blatantly obvious.

Sometimes a nudge to creativity is a good way to expand how you think about your writing and your characters!