I started taking Butterflies apart tonight.  Of course, I know better than to edit an existing document; even when revising, you really should do a separate document.  This time it meant starting five new documents, one for each of the new books.  (Yes, I am taking my first novel and turning it into a series of five books.)

I’ve barely started, with two documents still empty.  (Those would be the as-yet-unnamed “part 1” and “part 2.”)  I copied the first big chunks of the novel into each of the three girls’ documents.  Now I get to start carving out the parts that don’t belong to them.

Of course, dismantling is the easy part.  It’s the rebuilding and fleshing out that will be a challenge.  I realized that each of the little books (Mara’s, Andi’s, and Gretchen’s tales) will need some sort of self-contained story.  So far I think I’ve figured out the most for Mara’s book, so I’m probably going to be working on her story first.

I might be a crazy person, taking on this project, but here we go!