A Game to Work the Brain (and Creativity!)

This weekend my best friend is here to visit.  We took a little road trip to see several of the zoos in the area, as well as a trek to the Mall of America in Minneapolis.  At the mall, we found a very fun store with brain games, and I discovered an amazing game.  It’s called The Storymatic, and I am SO excited about it.

(I have to admit, there is an outside chance that my mom, in her usual way, may have discovered this game, thought of me, and already has it waiting to be wrapped for a Christmas gift.  Mom, if that’s the case, you have my sincerest apologies.  I did think about this, but realized that the chance of that happening was low enough it was worth the risk.)

Oh, so you want to know about the game?  It has two sets of cards, gold and copper.  You draw 2 gold, which tell you about your main character, and one or two copper, which tell you things that need to be included in the story.  Once you draw the cards, there are only two rules.  You can’t kill off your character, and the main character has to change somehow during the story.

Need an example?  Here are the cards that I drew for this blog:
Gold – “Subject of a medical experiment” and “person with a devastating secret”
Copper – “if only what was said could be taken back” and “beauty contest”

I mean, how awesome is that?  The gold cards could overlap; maybe the secret is the experiment, is the reason for being part of the experiment, or perhaps the secret will cause problems with the experiment.  And a beauty contest adds even more fun layer possibilities to this story…

I am very excited to try this game.  It seems like it will make for great writing practice, not to mention it sounds like a lot of fun!