NaNo Advice, Part 4

Apologies!  I thought that I published this on Friday, but it turns out it got saved as a draft…

We are nearing the end of the line, folks, and once again I have some advice for myself that others might appreciate as well!

Don’t stop when you hit par.

For those who aren’t writing like crazy people (also known as participating in NaNo), the NaNoWriMo website has a stat tracker that tells you if you are on pace to finish on time.  It has a daily “par” or word count that you should be at to hit 50,000 by November 30th.

I have a tendency to breathe a sigh of relief when I hit par, close my document, and do something else.  This is not a good idea!  Inspiration hits at random times, and just because I’ve hit par doesn’t mean I’m done writing for the day.  Not to mention that it’s always a good plan to get ahead if you can.  It’s impossible to know when the lazy bug will bite or life will prevent writing for a day.  Especially as we near the finish line, don’t just stop because you have enough words.

Keep writing as long as the ideas hold out and your fingers still work!


An Unusual Experience

For the first time that I can remember, I pictured an entire room as my characters entered it.  (Usually I only see the section of the room where the action is taking place, if that.)

It was refreshing, and made writing the description so much easier!

Now I can appreciate how the authors with big, descriptive sections must feel.  I wanted to make sure my reader saw all of it; without any of the usual effort, I filled 300 words with the room in my mind.  I’ll probably add even more details later, during the first revision.

What a cool experience!