Little Details

You can’t forget the details when you’re writing a story.

Details turned out to be important twice already in my writing today.  I’m sure that won’t be the last time, either.

First, I took a three-sentence description of searching a house and made it a four-paragraph description by adding details.  This does two things, besides adding words to my count.  It adds depth and description for those visual people out there who need to know what something looks like.  (I’ve already talked about how descriptions of places and people are not my main focus, but I know that others like them.)  It also helps the reader feel like the character.  The search is taking too long, and if the readers think “these descriptions are taking too long, just find him already!” then they are sharing the same emotion as the main character.

The second way that details came into play today is when I realized that I had forgotten one.  My main character ends up at the hospital, taken there by ambulance, which means that his car is somewhere else.  And the ambulance won’t give you a ride home.  It turned out to be a great moment to bring back a friend whose subplot had been hanging and give a little teaser to remind the reader that other things were going on at the same time.

I’m feeling pretty good about this story, and I think the details are what will help me get to my desired word count.  At the moment, though, I still owe 2000 words or so to get caught up for today, and the 275 words of this blog don’t count.  Back to writing!