Drawing from Life

I did not intend for Unexpected to be a cathartic writing experience.  Somehow it ended up that way anyway.

Fantasy is one genre that doesn’t typically draw from the author’s personal experience.  I mean, not many people wake up to dragons, elves, and fairies as part of their everyday life.  Yes, characters are built with the traits of people the author has met and yes, events and emotions are based on real life at some level.  If they weren’t the whole thing would feel very flat.  But the day-to-day life of most fantasy authors does not frequently provide fodder for storylines.

What is different about Unexpected?  I made my main character divorced, and his interactions with his ex-wife make up one of the subplots of the tale.  It turns out that my life can provide ideas for a novel after all.

Please know, I didn’t take events in their true entirety and just put them in the book.  Things are not handled in the same way that I addressed them in real life.  But it has been very interesting to use pieces and shades of things that really happened to add flavor to my novel.

I guess there is more than one way that Unexpected is letting me say things that I would never be able to say in real life.  Now, if I can only finish it before the month is out…


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