Unexpected Friendship

One of my favorite things about writing Unexpected is developing the friendship between Doug (human computer programmer) and Kiwi (urban fairy).  Now, I love Kiwi all on her own; she has a lot to say, some of which tickles me when I write it.  I’ve been putting Kiwi’s Crazy Comments on my Facebook page, although some of her funniest are not really appropriate for that venue.  (I am planning to clean up her language somehow – but not until the revision.)  And Doug is our main point of view character, so I’m very familiar with his outlook on life.  He’s probably a lot more like me, personality-wise, than any of the other characters.

The friendship between them is what’s really interesting to write.  While I haven’t set out with the intention of developing it, like any relationship, it’s been growing and changing as they deal with the issues at hand.  They’ve both had opportunities to get prickly in defense of the other, chances to share deeply personal stories with one another, and they’ve even comforted each other in tough moments.  (That’s a bit awkward to arrange, by the way.  How do you hug someone who is 1/12th of your size?  Or 12 times your size?)

It’s pretty clear as their friendship grows that it’s based very heavily on my own relationship with my best friend.  I didn’t set out for it to be; in fact, I was originally planning to make Kiwi’s platonic affection for Doug just a best guess on the reader’s part.  The story carried us a bit further into their personal histories and dramas than I intended, however.  When you get into that kind of emotional territory, you need a friend backing you up, and I’m glad that both characters proved capable of that type of friendship.

Even if it is an exceptionally unconventional friendship.


Writing in Bed

I took my laptop to bed with me last night, to try to get some more writing done.  I figured I’d add maybe a couple hundred words, get just a bit ahead, and then call it a night.

I wrote for an hour, ending up with about 900 words.

Sometimes when you get started, the words flow.  NaNo or not, it’s a good idea to go with the creativity when you’ve got it.

Of course, now I’m a bit stuck and fighting for words.  Maybe a brisk lap around the building (with the added bonus of giving my dog his evening restroom opportunity) will get me at least to par for today.

When I get back I’ll call it a night.  With my laptop, of course. 🙂