Being Behind

Somehow in the last 48 hours I went from being a touch ahead on my NaNo word count to being nearly a day behind.

Perhaps ‘somehow’ isn’t the right word.  I know the reasons.  A small reason is that Friday evening I went out with a friend right after work, because I was invited to participate in a visitor experience event at our local cultural center for free.  I figured it was worth losing a day of writing.  But I was half a day ahead on Thursday, so I should have been able to make it up today.  I did make up for yesterday, but I haven’t been able to get today’s count done.

There are two bigger problems, which are intertwined with one another.  First, I have lots of stuff to distract me and encourage me to procrastinate.  Second, I’m getting to a part of my story where I know what happens big-picture, but I don’t know the details.  With the first 8 days, I was writing stuff that’s been pinging around in my head for months.  Now I get to tease out the details of the amorphous part of my planning, and the challenge is making me more likely to play with the distracting stuff (like my new recliner and Castle season 4 on DVD) instead of writing.

I know what I need to do, which is get my butt out of the recliner and go walk.  (My other go-to activity – showering – has helped generate a few smaller scenes, but we’re talking primary plot development here.  I’d rather work up a sweat than get all pruney.)  With the local weather forecast for tomorrow, I should probably get to that walking today.

This is part of why I participate in NaNo: in a normal, non-competitive writing situation, I would be tempted to just let the distractions take me and put off the next section for a while.  But I really dislike being behind on my word count, and that fact does a lot to keep me on track.


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