NaNo Advice, part 2

Last Friday I started writing down some advice to myself that I thought other Wrimos might benefit from as well.  It turns out that I have at least one more piece of advice that I can add to the list!

Don’t be afraid to write out of order.

I try, in general, to write in chronological order.  I find that it helps the story flow more and I have to do less work incorporating scenes later.  This is not always the easiest way to write, and I’ve addressed the benefits of writing out of order before.  With NaNo it actually helps even more.

When I hit moments when writing the next scene is like pulling teeth, it can be very satisfying to move to something from later in the story that is well-developed in my mind.  Instead of fighting for each sentence, the words pour out and suddenly I’m ahead on my word count again!  Of course, if I’m going to finish the novel in a complete form, I am going to have to write those difficult scenes.  I know this.  But struggling for words every day does not make NaNo fun, and if it’s not fun, why are we doing it in the first place?