NaNo 2012, Day 8

Ok, it’s Thursday, which means time for an update!

Word Count currently stands at 14,207.  That puts me just under 900 words ahead of par for today.  I might write a bit more later tonight, but that’s going to be my official count for this post and for today on the NaNo homepage. I’ve been running just shy of a day ahead since Sunday, which is good.  Tomorrow might not see any writing, since I have plans with a friend from work, but then it is the weekend which is mad writing time for me!

The writing itself is also going well.  I thought I had hit a snag yesterday, because I had gotten to the end of what I knew on Tuesday.  I flipped that into a scene with my characters discussing what information they were lacking before they could make a plan (helpful to make them work for me, no?) and then I ended up coming up with not only the next piece in Kiwi’s subplot courtesy of some crowdsourced advice but also with a major piece of information crucial to the ending of the novel.  Those two chunks gave me today’s 1200 or so words.

I have to say that, as obnoxious as she is, I adore Kiwi.  She is one of the most fun characters that I’ve written, probably because she is so very different from me.  It’s entertaining to find ways for her to be as obnoxious, blunt, sarcastic, and rude as possible.  I’ve even been posting a “Crazy Kiwi Quote of the Day” on my Facebook page for the enjoyment of others!  She’s changing (as characters do in novels) into less of a ‘character’ and more of a person, so I haven’t been making myself laugh with her dialog as much lately, but that’s probably a good thing as well.  She’s not there for comedic effect, after all.

So that’s my NaNo update for you.  You’ve probably noticed that I’ve had a bit more fodder for blog posts, as well, which always happens when I’m writing a lot.  Tomorrow I have some more “advice” for you, and another word count update next week.

Happy writing!


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