Asking for Help

This novel is turning out to be an ask-my-friends kind of novel.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, of course, and honestly I’d rather use my own trusted sources than spend time digging around on the internet.  But while I’ve asked for help before (like when I got some incredible insight from my cousin who was a Marine), this one’s requiring a touch more than usual.

My best friend Jack helped me decide what Kiwi’s clothes should be made out of.  (Candy wrappers; shiny, unexpected, urban and easy to acquire.)

Some of my Facebook pals gave me a bit of insight into the college courses a computer programmer might have taken (for a comparison reference to an oddball professor).

Tonight I asked another friend for a “recommendation” on a video game that two of my characters planned to play.  (I’m going with Halo, since it’s a multi-player franchise with multiple games; if I don’t specify a number, it can be whichever the “new” Halo is at the time of reading!)

At less than 10,000 words and already three queries for help, I don’t expect the trend to abate any time soon!