There are two main subplots in my NaNo novel, in addition to the primary plot.  At least one will probably come into play in the story before the main one really gets rolling, but I’m having trouble deciding when to start incorporating them, especially the later one.

The tricky thing is that both subplots are personal issues faced by the two main characters.  We’ve already had a lot of their personal lives in the story, as the beginning is the development of their friendship.  It seems just a touch awkward to start weaving in more of that type of thing before we really get to the meat of the story.

I’ll probably start writing my way into each of the three storylines and address the best way to braid them together once they get going.  It’s a bit tricky to handle it in this fashion, as there is a risk they’ll feel disjointed, but with the question looming of when to bring them in I’ll take the chance.