Ice Cream

My novel is making me hungry.

More specifically, my novel is making me crave ice cream.  Ice cream is one of my weaknesses and if we’re being honest, this is not an unusual craving.

However, it isn’t helping that my characters have now twice had conversations over ice cream.  This is the bait that Doug uses to keep Kiwi around when she’s tired of answering questions at their first encounter.  It’s also the food that she requests as a way to nonchalantly offer to come back for a second meeting.  It’s very fun to have them eat mint chip and rocky road, and it’s a great way to throw in some personality characteristics as well.  (Plus, how many people expect a fairy to ask for ice cream?)

We’re moving past the ice cream conversations, so hopefully my writing-related cravings will start to dwindle.  I guess that’s the danger of including food in your story!