Chatty Characters

My characters have been fairly quiet lately, for which I am grateful.  It gets a little tough when they start chatting and I can’t write it down, since the best way to get a scene to leave me alone is to put it to paper.  Of course, we’re nearing the time when I want them to be conversational again, but it turns out I don’t need to worry.

Apparently all it took to get Doug and Kiwi to start talking up a storm was to say the magic words “NaNo is about to start.”

While we’re still a day or so out, I get to listen to them dialog (most of which is argumentative or at least sarcastic) in my head.  That’s okay, though, because the more they talk, the more I get to know them.  And the last thing I want to do with the dawn of November nearing the horizon is try to get my characters to quiet down!

Honestly, it’s nice to have company again. 🙂


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