Sometimes Longer

I am waiting on a response from my first query for Dragon, which was sent as an exclusive submission.  (For the folks outside the book publishing world, that means just what it sounds like – the agency who has it now is currently the only one looking at it.)  The agency lists how long it takes them to respond to queries, but then adds “sometimes longer” to the end.

We’re into the “longer” at this point, and I’m starting to wonder how long I should wait.  What is the etiquette for exclusive submissions?  Do I wait an extra couple of weeks?  A month?  Is this an unspoken contract, wherein I say that it is exclusive but they say it will be within a time frame, and if that time frame passes I am free to contact other agencies?

I’m not sure.  For now, I’m tired (today was day 6 of 10 at work) so the next query letter won’t be going out any time in the next few days.  I guess I’ll ponder this situation a bit further this weekend.

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