Tonight I went to see a show that was built around improvised musical numbers.  It was highly entertaining, and I think I learned a new trick for creating names.  (The show is called Broadway’s Next Hit Musical, if you’re curious.)

At one point a character said “My name is Cedric Peabody, which is an anagram for… Ced.. body… Peadric!”  (This was improv, after all.)

First, it made me laugh.  Second, it got me thinking about anagrams.  I mean, what could you really do with Cedric Peabody anyway?  Pearce Bociddy?  Corey Pedbaid?

Other names can make anagrams more easily, but the direction I went was to come up with odd phrases and play anagrams to find names of people or places.  Here are the results of my playing, with two semi-random phrases:

Monkey butt (one of the phrases I use instead of cursing) can become Tom Buntkey or Mount Tybek.

Llama duck (using both llamas seemed redundant) can be turned into Mack Ludal or the pseudo-French Lac DuMalk.

This seems like a fun (albeit somewhat silly) way to create names when they are needed, at least as possible place holders within the story.  It’s also good exercise for your brain!


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