A couple of days ago I wrote about what I do when I have trouble finding writing inspiration.  Today I want to talk about some of the reasons for writer’s block (or whatever your preferred term), partly because tonight one of those monsters is leaning up against the doorway that leads to my creative place.  (In other words, I’m a bit short on the inspiration tonight.)

Much like the last post in this vein, I’m not going to make generalizations or assume that my experience is either totally unique or completely the same as everyone else.  Instead, I’ll simply share with you some of the things that make it hard for me to find words.

The large block in front of me tonight is work.  This is an insanely busy week for me (today was day 3 of the week, and I’ve already put in almost 4 days’ worth of hours) and it will continue to be (I have another 7 days of work to go before a weekend).  I’m not the only one at my place of business working like crazy – we’ve got a big event this weekend and everyone is putting in a fair number of hours over many days – and I still love my job.  The reason I’m even mentioning it is that my mind is in a work place, not a writing place.  This is often one of my biggest blocks, although sometimes it takes the form of professional development instead of my daily tasks.

Another block for me is emotion.  Sometimes I’m just tired, and not up for the process of starting the creative engine.  (This is a small sidekick monster tonight, sitting there next to Work.)  Occasionally I’ll be in a mood that prevents writing.  These can include fired up over an issue, irritation with people (or a specific person), or even the odd melancholy.  None of these is conducive to imagination.

Distraction can also be a stumbling block for writing.  If my kitchen is dirty or there is a pressing errand to run, blogs and stories often take a back seat.  (I have been known to use writing to procrastinate on other tasks, but this is a different beast.)  People can also be a distraction – a friend asking me to do something isn’t exactly a block, but doesn’t encourage the writing, either.

Sometimes I get blocked for no apparent reason, which I’m fairly certain happens to others as well.  Now that I’ve posted about some of the reasons, I’ll keep more of an eye out to see what monster is sitting in the way.  Maybe if I know what’s causing the lack of inspiration, I might have an easier time resolving it!

Do you think I missed any important blocking monsters?

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