Comfort Food for your Brain

I am low-level sick this evening.  I got a flu shot on Thursday, and while it didn’t affect me at all right away, I woke up achy this morning and have since developed a lovely low-grade fever to go with the pain.

As most people do, when I’m not feeling good I turn to comforting things.  Tonight was hot tea, chicken soup (albeit just the southwest-style I had on hand, not the good noodle kind), a pile of pillows, and Tangled.

Yes, I watch Disney movies as a form of brain comfort food.

This isn’t what I always turn to, just like chicken soup isn’t always my craving.  I might want chocolate ice cream, or a familiar novel, or maybe one of my favorite chick flicks and macaroni and cheese.  A lot depends on the reason I need comforting in the first place.

The one thing these all have in common is their familiarity.  You don’t want to experiment with food or watch a new movie when you don’t feel well.  No, what you want is something that you know, something that your taste buds or your mind can treat like an old friend.

That’s what makes it comforting!

Now that I’ve been comforted, I’m going to call it a night early and hopefully sleep off this ick.  I’ll leave it to you, though, to add your thoughts.  What is your brain comfort food?  What do you watch or read when you don’t feel well?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kate Ferguson Writes
    Oct 21, 2012 @ 16:28:53

    Enjoy your home comforts and feel better soon 🙂


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