Finding Ideas

Yesterday’s post was inspired by a movie I was watching.  The post before documented actual events in my life.  My WordPress stats inspired Sunday’s post, and a conversation about NaNo led to the one on Saturday.

Basically, my post ideas come from all over the place.  When I sit down to write each evening, I let my mind wander until I stumble on something that I feel like articulating.  Usually the inspiration is fairly obvious, at least to me.

My writing ideas, on the other hand, trickle up from my subconscious.  The basis of these ideas is probably similar, but unlike the quick boil you get from sticking a mug of water in the microwave, these are the deep geothermal rumblings of a pool that sits near the molten heart of the earth.  All the things I’ve ever experienced, and some things I’ve simply imagined, mix and meld within my unaware mind until an idea percolates to the surface, surprisingly well-developed and seemingly out of nowhere.

We all know there is no such thing as a new idea; there really is only one story.  Everything you write comes from somewhere, which is why authors should read prolifically, explore the world, and interact with people as much as they can.  You never know where your next idea might come from, and even when it comes, you may not recognize what inspired it.

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