How do people meet?

This is a question that authors and filmmakers frequently address, sometimes in unique and intriguing ways.

If the story involves the development of a relationship of any kind, the characters have to meet somehow.  At the very least they must learn of each others’ existence – you can’t be anything, even enemies, if you don’t even know about the other person.  These meetings are sometimes mundane, sometimes offbeat, but always necessary.  If an author doesn’t handle the meeting the right way, the relationship isn’t believable.

Even if there are people who start their part in the tale already in their relationship, it’s likely that their creator knows how they met.  There is a unique couple in Dragon, an elf and a human who are dating.  We meet them as a couple, but as the author I know that their relationship had an interesting start long before they are involved in the story of the book.

Sometimes it’s fun to find out how people met.  Occasionally the people who create TV shows will take us back, through conversation or even a flashback episode or two, to show us how our favorite team was assembled.  Authors will sometimes write the short stories of their characters’ meeting.  And sometimes a movie is almost entirely about the ways that people meet, interact, and intertwine their lives with each other.

Think about the most important people in your life.  How did you meet?  It isn’t just characters who have unique stories.  Fiction comes from somewhere – I’m sure you’ve got an interesting tale or two in your history, too.


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