Talking to Trees

A few days ago I posted about trees and their place in our yards and our culture.  Today I was reminded of why I love trees.

I went hiking at a local spot and discovered the most wonderful tree.  It’s a huge deciduous tree that at one time stood along the bank of the oxbow in the park.  That bank eroded and the tree tipped, so that the bulk of its two large trunks runs just above the surface of the water.  The branches that were on the side have since grown upwards, their leaves still feeding the tree.

I couldn’t resist climbing out on the larger of the two trunks and sitting for a while, my feet hanging above the water.  While I sat there, I felt the urge to talk to the tree.

What does one say to a tree?  In this case, I told it about other trees from my life.  The tree in my backyard growing up that was my own special place, where I could sit and read and be alone.  The only big tree left in the neighborhood where my marriage fell apart, a tree that I confided in when I thought there was no human in the world I could talk to.  I even told it how I used to “give” my hiccups to trees in college, using their imagined slow respiration to help deepen my own breathing.

The park where this wonderful tree lives is within walking distance of my apartment. Given the sense of peace that I gained sitting there, talking to the tree, I plan to visit it again.


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  1. deshipley
    Oct 15, 2012 @ 22:16:51

    I’m not sure why I don’t know talk to trees more. Mercy knows I talk to everything else, and trees are far more alive than, say, uncooperative electronics, and more pleasant (to my mind) than bugs.


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