People like trees.

As I flew back into Sioux Falls today, I noticed the trees.  We flew over a small town (I regret to say I don’t know which one) and I was struck by the way that the trees marked the difference between fields and homes.  Even here, on the Great Plains, or in Houston, originally coastal prairie, people have lush mini-forests around their homes and businesses.

Think about a “yard” and what image do you get?  For me, a stretch of lawn with a handful of strategically placed trees.  It might have a swing set, or a shed, or even a flowerbed or veggie garden, but more likely than not it has at least one tree.

I’d be interested to explore if this is a cultural thing or a human thing.  It’s also something to think about when creating the space in which your characters live and thrive.  Will it subconsciously affect your readers if the yard has no trees?  What will it say to them about the world in which your characters live?

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