It’s Been a While

Last night I used my novel idea for NaNo as a way to try to fall asleep.  I’ve used the same concept in the past; work on story, let the characters talk, and (usually) it calms my brain to a place where it will quiet for the night.

I realized when I was doing this that while I’ve done revisions and other small things, I really haven’t written a lot lately.  At least, I haven’t written new story material.  While I’ve gotten to know my NaNo characters and I’m excited about the plot, it took a few minutes for me to actually start developing the real, readable stuff in my mind.  (I won’t write before November, but it doesn’t hurt to at least have a rough idea of where I’m starting!)

Of course, it didn’t take long for me to find the groove again, and my momentary panic that maybe I’m not ready for NaNo faded quickly.  Perhaps this is a sign that I should try to get back to writing at other times of the year, too!


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