No Title, But…

I started working on a title for this year’s NaNo novel.  Normally I’d start writing before I fight my way to a title, but when you register your novel with NaNoWriMo, they ask for a working title and a brief description.

Obviously these things aren’t required, and you don’t have to stick with your initial thoughts if the novel pulls you in a different direction.  In the future I may opt to not have them, and I might still skip the title for now, but I did get a decent description written for this one.  I find that the effort of writing a summary helps me to hone my thoughts about the story and where I’m taking it.

Oh, you want to read the description?  Here you go:

After an unlikely accident brings an urban fairy into the living room of a divorced computer programmer, the two quickly become friends.  Their unusual relationship creates some challenges for them both; Doug has to fend off his suddenly re-interested ex-wife and Kiwi must deal with family issues from her past.  While facing these problems, the two try to rescue his coworker from a dark sorceress who uses the energy of her victims to further her evil schemes.

With only a month to go before NaNo, I’m feeling close to ready! How about you?  Are you getting ready for NaNo 2012?