A Toast!

In the grand tradition of starting to write something well before it’s due, I was inspired to work on my toast for my sister’s wedding.

Oh, I didn’t mention?  My sister is engaged, and I am the maid (matron? divorced lady?) of honor.  That means I get to make a toast.

Working on the toast isn’t a bad thing.  Working on the toast in September when the wedding is in June is maybe a bit early.

I’ve never given a toast before.  I’m not worried about the giving part, but the writing part is a bit tricky.  There are things I’d like to share that might not be right for the occasion.  There are things that are traditionally shared that I don’t really have authority to speak about.  After all, I live hours away so I don’t see them together as a couple a lot.  I think I’ll get it figured out.  I know the important part: the two of them are totally right for each other.

I’ll stick to that theme and I should be good.


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  1. deshipley
    Sep 25, 2012 @ 23:02:36

    Big congratulations to your sister! She is doubly blessed for having both a great husband-to-be and a maid of honor who’s got the wisdom to avoid leaving toast prep until the last minute. (:


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