I don’t check my author email frequently.  Since the bulk of the emails that come to the account are WordPress notifications, I can simply log on to the blog to find out the same information.  As I log on to the blog almost every day, checking my email is less necessary.

Lately I’ve been checking my author email at least once a day, sometimes more.  Can you guess why?

That’s right, it’s the account I used to send my query letter, and the account to which the response will come.

I know that I shouldn’t be checking so frequently.  I only sent the thing a week ago, so we all know that I can’t reasonably expect a response yet.  But I have never claimed to be a patient person, so I check the email.  And check it.  And check it.

I figure as long as I don’t start getting disappointed that there isn’t a response yet, it doesn’t hurt to check my email more frequently.