NaNo is getting closer…

For those who haven’t looked at a calendar recently, it is the middle of September.  That means that the beginning of NaNoWriMo is just around the corner.  It’s time to make some decisions!

First, there is the big decision.  Are you going to participate?  I’ve already decided that I will, and I’ve been thinking about it since April.  If you haven’t decided, well, you have a little bit of time.  (Not sure what NaNoWriMo is?  Check out their website.)

I have two other novel-related decisions to make.  One is a working title, which frequent readers know is not my favorite part of writing. That might take a bit; I’ve got a really basic plot description and I’m hoping that playing with that will spark something.

The second decision I mentioned before, and it is related to a character with a foul mouth.  While I do not intend to let her swear a blue streak in the version anyone reads, I’ve chosen to let her speak her mind (however filthy) during the actual writing.  The initial revisions, before anyone gets to read it, will include some creative work on my part to tone down her dialog in a way that is true to her character.  Some may disagree, but I think letting her say what she will in the writing process will help me in two ways.  I’ll get a better sense of her full character if I don’t censor her, and it will also make the high-pressure, time-sensitive writing of NaNo a touch easier.  (Yes, by the way, I do know that my characters are actually part of my own brain, but sometimes it feels like they take the reins and are separate from me.  Authors, back me up here!)

Other than those two things, the remainder of the decisions are the usual writing ones.  Who’s point of view to use?  How much backstory should I share?  Is there a way to add depth with a subplot?  You get the idea.

I’m getting excited for NaNo!  Are you?