Three AM?!

It’s amazing how context changes things, even for relative constants like time.  I mean, 3am is 3am, right?  I’ve had two nights this week when I was awake for 3am, and with a change in context, the way I felt about it was very different.

A few days ago my dog woke me up at three in the morning, insisting that he had to go outside.  I’d been asleep for a while, but my alarm wasn’t going to sound for another several hours.  Of course, once I took him outside, he went right back to sleep.  I did not.  Needless to say, I was irritated.

Last night I also saw three am, but I hadn’t been to sleep yet.  At about 10pm I went to bed with a book by one of my favorite authors.  (I got it yesterday, thanks to the library.)  I had forgotten how addictive her writing is.  My plan to read a bit and then sleep was foiled without my noticing.  I got to page 350 at about 3am, and decided it was time to stop for the night.  I didn’t begrudge three am, because I made it that late early) while doing something I enjoyed.

Isn’t context interesting?


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