Library Card!

Last night I got a library card for the public libraries in my new community.  I got a bit excited about it – probably more than necessary, but can you blame me?  I checked out a couple of books and put another on hold, so it will come to my branch.  (How cool is that?  I can make books come to me!)

This isn’t surprising news to my family.  I had flashbacks of walking out of our hometown library with my arms loaded down in books as a child – I think there were many times that I hit the limit for one checkout!  I also remember getting really excited when I could start looking at books in the adult section, and I also fondly recall the summer that I obsessively checked out and read everything Michael Crichton had written.  I think I could still walk straight to the shelf where his books lived, although I’m sure the library probably looks a lot different now.

I have lots of great library memories, which probably ties pretty closely to my becoming an author.  Do you have any great library stories?

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  1. Nicole W.
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 07:16:37

    You were lucky to have such a nice library. The library in my town is very small. To put it in perspective, it is one tiny room in our town’s community center. Which is probably why I never read much as a child. It wasn’t until middle school that I discovered the only scifi book in the place. That book opened the door for me in both reading and writing. I began to make many trips to book stores in other towns after that. (It seemed easier to buy them than loan them from other towns, thus no library card)

    Unfortunately, the library hasn’t changed much over the years and work has made book store trips less frequent. So nowadays most of my books are in electronic format ( yes, I have gone over to the dark side and I love it, because nook lets you sample many of their books for free).


  2. deshipley
    Sep 06, 2012 @ 15:46:39

    Libraries were my favorite places, growing up, and I frequented several. The one I knew in earliest childhood, where my little friends and I played with the kiddie section’s dollhouse. The one near my piano lessons, where my sister and I pretended we were spies on a mission to investigate books and magazines as stealthily as possible. The one with the vending machine room where that same sister and I got more harmlessly rowdy than any spy (or any person really ought to be in a library, for that matter). The one where I’m not sure anything special happened except browsing for great books, and that’s easily special enough. Long live libraries!


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